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Hydraulic and Ocean Engineering(ungraduate/graduate)
L.C.Chang K.C.Yeh  H.K.Chang V.W.Chao T.H.Yang D.S.Shih


Surveying Engineering(ungraduate/graduate)

T.Y.Shih C.W.Hwang T.A.Teo      


Geotechnical Engineering(ungraduate/graduate)

Y.S.Fang Y.W.Pan J.J.Liao H.Y.Shan C.P.Lin M.C.Weng


Structural Engineering(ungraduate/graduate)

S.L.Hung Y.P.Wang C.C.Chen C.S.Huang H.Y.Kuo C.H.Chen
T.K.Lin J.P.Yang Y.P.Yuen D.K.Lee


Construction Engineering & Management(ungraduate/graduate)

R.J.Dzeng Y.L.Huang W.C.WangW  S.C.Huang    


Information Technology(graduate)

S.L.Hung R.J.Dzeng L.C.Chang H.Y.Shan T.K.Lin


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